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Recognize A Valued Employee

What is a RAVE Review?

A RAVE (Recognize A Valued Employee) Review is an unsolicited acknowledgement of a CCSD employee who has demonstrated a special effort, a job well done, a project of quality workmanship and/or a caring and sensitive attitude. A RAVE review is not just a pat on the back for doing a good job. Rather it is recognition for something exemplary and gives you the opportunity to recognize a CCSD employee who has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Who can submit a RAVE Review?

Students, parents, teachers, administrators, coworkers, and all community members.

How do I submit a RAVE Review?

Employee Access

  • Go to

  • Log into the site using your InterAct login name and password. Scroll down to the "RAVE Review" folder and open.

Public Access

       briefly describe the effort, project, or situation for which

       our employee deserved recognition. Each RAVE Review

       recipient will receive a certificate.

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