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Title I Information


Dear Parents,

   In August 2012, the state of Nevada was granted an ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) Flexibility Waiver. The purpose of this letter is to notify you about important information regarding your child’s school and to explain the protocol for measuring the academic performance of Nevada Public Schools.


   The Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) is a critical part of the Education Performance System that replaces the measure of yearly academic performance from Adequate Yearly  Progress (AYP) with a fivestar classification approach. For elementary and middle schools, star ratings in the NSPF are based on student academic growth, subject matter proficiency, sub-population performance gaps, and other indicators. High school ratings are based on subject matter proficiency, sub-population performance gaps, academic growth, graduation, career and college readiness, and other indicators. The NSPF will provide all Nevada schools and districts with valuable information to help determine if current educational practices are focused on the most effective educational outcomes for students.


   In addition to the school’s star rating, schools may also receive a designation of Focus, Priority, or Reward which is based on levels of student proficiency and academic growth. The definition for each designation is as follows:


  •    Reward school – Demonstrates high student proficiency and academic growth, allowing for greater administrative control over academic programs.

  •    Focus school – Achievement gaps are apparent in the following sub-population groups:

    • FRL – Free or Reduced Lunch

    • ELL – English Language Learners

    • IEP – Students with Disabilities

    • Supergroup – all sub-population groups combined

   Focus schools may receive increased levels of support in the areas of professional development targeted toward academic deficiencies, teacher and administrative coaching and mentoring, and increased technical assistance that is focused on specifically identified areas of needed improvement.

  • Priority school – Scores in the bottom 5% in subject matter proficiency and academic growth. These schools are expected to select and implement one of the identified school improvement models such as school turnaround, school transformation, or school closing and restarting.


   Priority schools may receive increased levels of support in the following areas: an increased number of English and/or mathematics teaching positions, an RTI specialist, prep-buyouts, credit retrieval programs, extra-duty for Certified Tutors, homework assistance, and general after school tutoring.

Joseph Neal STEAM Academy Current Title I Budget
for the 2022-2023 School Year: $100,170.00

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