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Office and Support Staff

  • Ms.Ildly Ribeiro Diaz - Office Manager

  • Ms. Stephanie Wilson - School Clerk

  • Ms. Megan Chatterton - School Aide

  • Ms. Erika Desiderato - School Nurse

  • Ms. Bethany Haskins - FASA (First Aid Safety Assistant)

  • Ms. Yesenia Paniagua - Head Custodian

  • Mr. Bryan Villagomez - Night Custodian

  • Mr. Keifer McLendon - Night Custodian

  • Ms. Marianne Parker - Cafeteria

The Joseph Neal STEAM Academy seeks to provide an enriching learning environment where students are immersed in an inquiry-based, authentic STEAM curriculum that challenges their 21st century critical thinking and problem solving skills. We provide each student at Joseph Neal STEAM Academy with interdisciplinary opportunities in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. With the support of our families, community experts, and cultural institutions, Joseph Neal will foster a safe and secure atmosphere that embraces curiosity, ingenuity, responsibility, and endurance.
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