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Joseph Neal STEAM Academy
Accelerated Reader Incentive Program

     All teachers and students in grades 3 - 5  are encouraged to participate in the Renaissance Reading Program, Accelerated Reader (AR). Our goal at the end of the year is for a minimum of 10 students per grade level to show a years’ growth of mastery.


     Students in grades 3 - 5, take AR tests in their reading range and will be encouraged to take any vocabulary tests and AR tests that are available, trying their best on each quiz.  Our goal is for the students to score 85 percent or higher.  The grades 3 - 5 teachers and librarian will offer students time to read silently and take AR tests daily, thereby progress monitoring students weekly.


     The librarian will notify the principal of students’ progress toward their goals and word counts, which determines the winners of the Millionaire Contest.  The students will receive small prizes as incentives to continue reading.  The prizes are as follows:

     Prizes will be awarded during library times.  When students reach One Million words, they will be recognized at the Sunrise Ceremony. At the end of the year, the Millionaires will receive a medal and certificate of reading achievement and also receive a pizza party the last week of school.  Our goal by the end of the year is for 25 students to read a million words which equates to 110,000,000 words school wide. 

     Neal STEAM Academy will participate in two other reading programs to encourage students to reach their reading goals. The Pizza Hut Book program will run from October through March.  This program will encourage all k - 5 grade students to read each month and receive a personal pan pizza coupon if they reach the goals set by each classroom.  

Please encourage your students to set their goals high to become lifelong readers.  The more you read, the more you grow and we want our students to grow to their fullest potential. 

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